Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My "fatbrain" is still working

I found a great article on bariactric eating. Called Post Op Myths. If you have had surgery, or are considering surgery I recommend reading it. From the article I picked up a new term that I will be using moving forward.

The term they used to talk about eating before surgery is fatbrain. Fatbrain tells you to eat when you are not hungry, fatbrain tells you it is ok to eat the food you know you shouldn't, fatbrain wants to kill you. Ok the kill you part was not in the article, but it is true.

After I lost weight on the VLCD diet my fatbrain really worked a number on me. It convinced me that I could eat foods between meals because my meals where so healthy, and I was exercising so much. My fatbrain made me hungry, hungry at all times.

After surgery it turns out my fatbrain is still around. I guess that is not too surprising, the doctor did surgery on my stomach, not my brain. The tool that surgery gave me is powerful though, I know easily that the cravings that I am having are fatbrain cravings. They come from smelling certain foods, and doing certain activities.

Fatbrain started working on me hard yesterday. I would normally get snack food for long car rides. Gummy worms, combos, diet Mt. Dew, chocolates, really anything. None of it good, and none of it needed. So while driving yesterday fatbrain told me it was ok to stop and get something. I've lost almost 40 pounds, a small treat wouldn't mess my weight up. Sure eating it would be hard, but I could figure it out. Just small bites, lost of chewing... no one would know. It would be ok.

I didn't have the term for it yesterday but it helps me now to call that inner voice Fatbrain. I don't care if I am ever skinny, I just want to be healthy. However I know I never want to be fat again.

I made an appointment with a counselor that I hope works out well for me. I think I will be seeing a counselor for awhile to figure out good ways to deal with fatbrain. I wonder do healthy people have a fatbrain that they just know how to not listen to? Will fatbrain ever go away, or at least get quieter in my head?

Feel free to comment about your experiences with fatbrain if you have ever dealt with it.


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