Sunday, April 3, 2016

Long-Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity

The quote from Bruce Lee "Long-Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity" played a part in my day today.

I was having a really good day. I had heard about post surgical patients gaining a bunch of energy and today I really experienced it. And I used that energy. I used it with some good old short term intensity. Then I payed for it.

My first walk of the day was a nice 1.8 mile lap around my neighborhood. I took around 30 minutes and while I was never pushing myself, I tried to keep my pace good and not stop to look at things. When I got home I felt great, and was really proud of myself. I felt I could do at least twice that much still today if I wanted. So I tried.

My son and I went for a big 2-mile walk. We didn't walk fast; we stopped to look at things. We in general had a good time on the walk. When I got back I was spent though (so was my son). I had officially over done it. In no time my stomach was twitching and giving me strong waves of nausea. Side pain kicked in. So I had to take pain killers and the stronger set of anti-nausea medicine.

Will this carry over into tomorrow? I don't think so, but I do worry it will. Since I had to take pain medicine that is another 24 hours before I can drive again.  I learned today that hard lesson told by Bruce Lee...


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