Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Starting Training

Today was my first day in training. I will be running the Berbee Derby thanksgiving. This will be the first running event I have ever done, and is the first thing in a path that I plan to have lead into a Triathlon. I need a goal to work towards in order to be in the right frame of mind, so this is my goal.

In order to train I joined the No Boundaries 5k running program. Tonight was the first day of the training. I am surprised at how well I did. I really thought I would be at the back of the pack- but I surprised myself and was really above average. I joked as I finished that since I was one of the first of my group back I really "won". It felt good to be well- good.

Of course now I am sitting at home sore, but I am sure that will get better. I'll be writing here about my journey to running my first event, and my eventual journey towards doing at tri. It won't be an everyday writting event like it was on the weight loss, but I will write a few times a week.


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